Proud to play role in replacing UK’s non-compliant cladding

Here at ASW Property Services, we are proud to have commenced work on a significant and complex project in Birmingham where we will replace the external cladding on Brinley House, a high-rise residential and retail building in the city as well as completing other building remediation work.

The multi-million-pound contract, which we estimate will take at least two years to complete, will leverage our deep expertise in managing complex projects in a way that is also sensitive to the needs of the residents, while managing specific technical challenges.

The scale of the project is immense. Working with valued partner Kings Scaffolding, we will use some 12,000 scaffolding boards to initially create a safe working environment for our team, who will then proceed to remove the existing cladding on the 20-story building

The project presents several specific technical challenges. Its structure bridges a working canal, meaning we are working closely with the Canal and River Trust to ensure minimum disruption. The building also overlooks a pedestrian way, meaning constant access needs to be maintained while also ensuring health & safety remain a priority at all times.

Once the old cladding is safely removed, it will be replaced with non-combustible cladding compliant with the highest fire standards, which will be carefully installed by ASW’s team of experts. In tandem with the external work ASW will also be upgrading other aspects of safety across the building including the top floors and penthouses.

The remediation scheme is funded by the Building Safety Fund in conjunction with Homes England, a public body that funds affordable housing in England. Homes England has access to funds earmarked by the UK Government to address cladding on high-rise buildings deemed unsafe in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017.

Anthony Thomas, our Managing Director, said:

“We are delighted to be using our skills and expertise on this high-profile project that also has a number of technical challenges, we are looking forward to overcoming. The issue of how to safely replace cladding such as this, has become a big issue in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster and we are proud to play our part in making buildings such as this safe.

“In addition, the project is important to us as a business and our supply chain. A long-term project such as this, allows us to plan in terms of our workforce and training. We will be able to invest in upskilling our team while offering long-term job security. We have also made a substantial commitment to community engagement and social engagement as part of the agreement. We have also established a local supply chain in the area that will be delivering some of the key aspects of the project.”

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