Anthony Collins Project Surveyor, Swansea Council




In recent years, the ASW has undertaken several projects for the installation of external wall insulation together with new roofs, loft insulation, rainwater goods and other associated works on various properties throughout Swansea. The quality of the work undertaken by ASW has been excellent. The external wall insulation has not only improved the appearance of the buildings but has also enhanced their energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy bills for the occupants.

ASW’s communication with the affected residents during the projects has been excellent and ensured that all residents were informed about the nature of the work that was to be carried out, the timelines, and any other relevant information. ASW also made a point of being available to answer any queries the residents might have had during the project.  I wish to express my gratitude for their outstanding delivery of external wall insulation contracts and commitment to quality and communication has undoubtedly left a lasting positive impact on our community, and we look forward to continued collaborations in the future.


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