The completed internal renovation of Peniel Green's 120-year-old spiritualist church, undertaken by ASW Property Services

Proud to volunteer on the renovation of historic spiritualist church

Here at ASW Property Services, we were thrilled to play a key role in the renovation of a historic church in Swansea, thanks to the hard work of some of our community-minded employees. 

The 120-year-old church spiritualist church in Peniel Green, Llansamlet, required urgent and vital upgrades and repairs after the building had fallen into disrepair – a project several members of our team volunteered to help with. 

No funding was available, leading to the potential closure of the historic site. Paul Phillips, our operations director, is a member of the congregation. He successfully assembled a team of volunteers to undertake the project, which commenced last year. 

The ongoing renovation includes upgrading and refurbishing the entire internal structure of the church. We also helped install central heating and running hot water – for the first time in the church’s 120-year history. 

Every inch of the interior was refurbished to the point where a member of the church described the result as ‘unrecognisable’ to its previous condition. 

ASW staff were involved in the purchase of materials and provided all labour and installation work at no charge to the church. ASW Lloyd and Connectus Electrical, sister companies to ASW Property Services, also donated the full rewire plus heating and hot water installations. In addition, this work was also supplemented by Les Payne Decorating Services, which provided the dry lining and painting to the church. 

Paul Phillips, said:

“I was asked to attend an emergency meeting by the members of the church. The members asked what advice I could give to bring the church up to the standard required to continue operation. As the church is purely funded by donation, the amount they had was unfortunately not enough to cover the required and essential upgrades. 

I spoke to ASW’s board of Directors and our supply chain who without hesitation agreed to assist in whatever way we could. Everybody involved with this project has been very generous with their time and effort for this great cause. We still have a way to go, but the start that we have made has been transformational for the church, its members and the local community.” 

Steve John, Director of Connectus Electrical, said:

“We were more than happy to assist ASW and the congregation in bringing the Church back to life. The transformation is something we at Connectus Electrical are very proud to be involved with.” 

Julian Lloyd, Director of ASW Lloyd Energy Services, said:

“ASW Lloyd are very proud to have assisted the Church in ensuring the congregation were kept warm during their services. We were more than happy to donate along with our suppliers to this worthy cause.” 

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